Who wants to be on a fitness challenge?

I had started my goals for 2019 even before the year had ended. How ever my fitness walk has been mild , nothing to hard or dedicated. So Monday I want to kick off my official weight loss lifestyle . My goal is to lose 40lbs by the end of June, nothing to rigorous , however challenging.

Challenging in the time you dedicate to yourself and this goal, the time you put in to plan what you eat , the will power to stay on track to fulfill the vision of yourself healthier. Also being accountable to yourself to complete each weeks task .

So all who are interested , send me a message to enter so by next Monday a plan can be uploaded so we can start on this new phase and stay on it .

See you lovely people soon and remember hit me up with you plan of action so you can be held accountable.

Let’s grow together

Where do I start?


Hey everyone how are those new years resolution working out thus far. It is the first week of 2019. Let me start by saying Happy and positive  New Year.

I have been gone for a short while, I could tell you like others, that I have been gone to gain some retrospect about the past year, However that would not be entirely true. Hi, my name is Candice and I love the season of Christmas… I tend to fall out of communication around this time to facilitate my addiction to house shopping, swiping of my card, participation in the hustle and bustle of the entirety of the Christmas season. However, I choose to remain an addict (not sorry).

So this year I have a great deal of content I will love to share, It makes me excited just thinking of it and the year ahead with what’s in store. 2018 was a year of planting seeds and watering them. 2019 is the year to see them bloom.

In leaving I want to thank those of you who have shared and kept up with my blog, who have messaged to say hi or chat. I say thank you.

So now I am off to take down my tree and put away the seasonal decor. Love you all and keep pressing through 2019.

Why wait For 2019???

I have always been the type to hold out with anticipation for the countdown to the new year. Starting of a new dawn, new hopes, dreams, new way of doing things. However, for the past few years, it has gotten played out or ugh! I will start my change later down in the month, or even the memes on social media says it all “January was warm up February here I come” and still all in August we haven’t gotten our shit together.

So 2019 I am here closing off 2018 with a lot of positives going on forwarding into a great and exciting 2019. So in order for me to keep this momentum, I have decided to do my resolution, Now, while they are on my mind, giving me the thug to push through and finish 2018 with a running High.

Here are ten things on my list which I am going to start from today, so once 2019 comes around I would be well seasoned into accomplishing my goals.

  1. Weight loss… Blah Blah Blah … yes, I said it. Being more healthy is on my list. Feeling comfortable within my self, though my significant other doesn’t complain. I am doing it for me.
  2. Faith ……Working on my relationship with my savior is key in doing everything. strengthening your faith helps give you guidance in your everyday life.
  3. Loving from a distance.… 2018 has shown me people or individuals who were in my everyday life, were not meant to be there. It has brought me to the point where I  just had to let go for my sanity. Not that I don’t love them, however, once your not building your pulling out bricks from below me. We can all live without the negativity in 2019.
  4. Positivity… Keeping positive thoughts and feelings allows you to attract the same. Also keeping your circle with like-minded positive individuals will carry you far. So My aim is to keep my space and mind in a positive atmosphere as much as possible.
  5. Read more.. before I had children I used to read a lot. if you ask me today how much books I have read in the last five years, I can count on my hand. Engaging my mind more.
  6. Use phone less….( This is a tough one) I am not sure how I am going to accomplish this being a new blogger and all. With a positive mindset, It can be done.
  7. Take pictures… I was never a person to take pictures of myself often. 2019 be prepared to call me conceited, those who are on my Instagram.
  8. Well, this one goes with number 7… Putting myself out there …. taking risks, being more sociable. I always shy away from events or get-together so I am going to make a more conscientious effort to attend.
  9. Being present… Many time as a mom or wife things become routine so much that you’re not really present in that moment because your mind is on other tasks. I am guilty of this, I tend not to enjoy the moment for what it is, being total of the moment and emotions at that time and giving it is recognition especially with the children.
  10. Remembering my goals and the bigger picture…… at times life happens (after all we’re living  Duhh!) and we slip up on our goals in between. so for me, my way of tackling all my changes is to remember the reason why I stated and the big picture where and how I see myself in the future.

So I want to challenge my grow through folks too. sit and write your goals, get started on them. Make it a daily routine to make a change and become a better you. Let’s get started

As I go along this journey I will be sharing how and giving a more detailed look into my tasks so we can all work along.

Ways in dealing with toxic people


Well hear nah… should I hummmm. Anyhow this is my blog. In life we have some people whom we have to interact with,  who are pretty toxic , they behave as if their one mission in life is to see you fall and make you miserable in the process,   maybe at work, school, family members even mother-in-law or father-in-law, lets be honest now I see you shaking your head saying yes.. true. So I have built up some mechanisms which help me cope I have tried my best to make them clear .. let’s grow!

  • Set limits and establish boundaries

Toxic people don’t do well with boundaries (trust me I know). They try their utmost best to control others as well as situations. Setting boundaries might be very tiring and at times and it will seem to get you nowhere. However, ( we all know the serenity pray ) you have the upper hand in setting boundaries to the things which you can control.

Sometimes you just have to let your presence not be felt. If someone is someone is smoking surely you won’t stand and hang out in their presence inhaling second-hand smoke ????? Or maybe your toxic toooo.

Just saying

Keep it to hi, hello and bye, only have surface topic conversations…….Talk about why the sky is blue or keep the conversation positive on someone else. Toxic people love to talk to listen and take back all the information and twist it up to make themselves look better. So covos about the birds and trees, then run away fast as you can.

  • Don’t share secrets

We in the Caribbean have a saying “Bring come, Carry go,” That is when someone sits with you and have conversations and then carries the information back to whomever and maybe even the person you all spoke about, and I tell you, my brotha ( in my best Nigerian movie accent) when it is carried back, it is always,  not in the most pleasant light.

So they sit and watch as the two parties hate and have a conflict with each other. All so, that, this toxic person can have control and feel good about themselves. Remind you all of anyone?

  • Recognize insults

This one may be hard to notice. However, has anyone ever given you a compliment, that has you wondering, what they really meant? Toxic people tend to use words to make you jump out of pocket and have you acting the fool.

They hate to give you a compliment on any life achievement which they themselves has never achieved, afterward go and talk to someone else about all of your fantasy shortcomings they tell themselves that you have, just to compensate on them not feeling good about themselves.

You have to sometimes remind yourself that, their opinion does not even matter or cost” a pee in a pan”. Toxic people never have your best interest at heart so don’t even bat an eye at what they say. So don’t give their words power over your emotions and actions but, give some distance emotionally between you two, if physically cannot be done.

  • Allow lairs to trip themselves up

Toxic people can never keep a straight story. I tell you some time or the other you start to hear the contradictions in stories and situations. They always expose their ugly assess to you or someone else. Give it time … “Old people say time longer than twine”. In my situation …Yes (rolls eyes) my situation, the lies always shows and I smile to myself and just have pity on the person. Don’t get it twisted It’s my blog and yes most times it about my experiences.

  • Don’t fall prey to their pity

These people use it as a way of control and always blame others for their failures, or shortcomings in life never shinning the light on their issues. They are always inviting you to a  pity party and play the victim in situations where persons actually stand up to them.

One thing they also do is, talk bad about you to other persons to make you undesirable to the other party so they can remain relevant and in control.

  • Don’t waste energy on toxic conflict

Trust me Don’t waste your time and energy on toxic people. Majority of the time you cannot even have an intelligent discussion … only their opinion matters. If the light is shined on the part they played, they will be forced to look at themselves and they will be darned if they allow that to happen.

They have a way of worming themselves into your life in order to create drama and chaos in order to manipulate others to suit their needs.

All in all, people you and me have a right to be happy. I am nowhere close to mastering these, as I will say It’s a work in progress. Self-worth comes from within, my self-worth is an issue to a lot of people who cannot control my daily happenings, they show themselves up in their actions towards me proving, themselves to be toxic. When you are toxic you tend to destroy relationships which could have been beautiful… it sad but true.

Are you a toxic person?


James 3:16

For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.

No Bra till 4

“Today I am going to take time for me.” I sat today and I did nothing and Oh how I loved it, peeling off my bra and enjoying the freedom.  My loving husband  (that was sarcastic said on this particular day) took care of all the daily domestic household duties that day, oh my, there was a hell of a lot of housework to be done.

One thing life has thought me is self-preservation. With this comes taking time for one’s self, to be restored spiritually, mentally and physically. After the wear and tear of everyday life, it will take a toll on your every being. when I take my day off, notice I said to “take”, We all know when we need that time to hear ourselves think. So when I take the day to my self I would normally schedule things that would allow me to relax and be stress-free, simple things which brings me some sort of peace of mind and balance.

This morning the first thing I did was to find time to bring my spirt some calm, by giving thanks to my creator and one and only savior. Giving thanks for great health and being in the land of the living to fulfill his purpose.

At times we go about our lives not realizing, the things we take for granted until something happens that “hits home” as we say. Simple things as reading a book that inspires you, journaling your plan for your life where you pour every thought on paper, cleaning your mind so it can rest and generate new thoughts and ideas. Take time to write some affirmations over your life and take the time to meditate on them.

After feeding my spirit, I went on to feed my body ( because I love food and I can say I am somewhat greedy). So I whipped up something somewhat healthy ( every Monday morning I am on a diet) Don’t worry I will get my life together but today just wasn’t the day. Anyhoooow we are here to grow.

However, feeding your body does not always consist of actual food. This is the vessel we have on earth for our lifetime so we need to cherish it. take care of your body simply by taking a walk view nature are even over the neighbor’s wall. Let yoga calm your body and center you’re being if that is your thing, Everyone needs a few knots loose. Go outside and play an active game with the children taking in the fresh air. We only have this body, take care of it.

Taking into consideration mental relaxation. My way was to put down my phone stay away from all social media and just relax. Not worry or try to fix someone else’s problem or give advice on a situation. I have learned problems will always arise and I can reschedule some giving my take on others situations at times.

Mental relaxation is important for our mental wellness. Sometimes in life, you have to look at a situation through others eyes and gain a different perspective. However, your first priority is protecting one’s self and mental wellness. This also means taking your self out of the situations to calm and recalibrate your mind. Take a time for you and just breath, trust the process that it will all work out. Self-care is best done in good health.

I can say my day was well spent. Now Back to my reality.

“Shocks have to put my bra back on”

 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

– Audre Lorde

I sat today and I did nothing and Oh how I loved it, peeling off my bra and enjoying the freedom.

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Our Journey Begins


My name is Candice, mother of two and married to a great partner, who was made just for me.  In life thus far, I have been privileged to go through and have interacted with some persons who have been through some life lessons. Some have been stuck, some have to push fourth, taking it one day at a time and some have made it into a lifelong journey of helping others through.

It is my belief that the lessons and situations we have been through in life was and is there to mold us into greatness. Some get it, some don’t and there are some that just need a hand reached out to them, for strength and guidance to know that it is not always a one-man journey.  In life, we grow through as I like to say because no man stays the same, who was once faced with a challenge or adversity. So it is my belief that once we are out or maneuvering through these life situations we should share so someone else can learn and gain strength to break through.

Life has a series of twists and turns discovering so much about ourselves as time goes by. So Please embark on this journey of self-discovery with me, be it through travel, me being a mommy, a wife or a friend and even the one that needs help ( I am human). Let’s grow together.

Thanks for joining me!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ” Philippians 4:13

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton