My name is Candice, mother of two and married to a great partner, who was made just for me.  In life thus far, I have been privileged to go through and have interacted with some persons who have been through some life lessons. Some have been stuck, some have to push fourth, taking it one day at a time and some have made it into a lifelong journey of helping others through.

It is my belief that the lessons and situations we have been through in life was and is there to mold us into greatness. Some get it, some don’t and there are some that just need a hand reached out to them, for strength and guidance to know that it is not always a one-man journey.  In life, we grow through as I like to say because no man stays the same, who was once faced with a challenge or adversity. So it is my belief that once we are out or maneuvering through these life situations we should share so someone else can learn and gain strength to break through.

Life has a series of twists and turns discovering so much about ourselves as time goes by. So Please embark on this journey of self-discovery with me, be it through travel, me being a mommy, a wife or a friend and even the one that needs help ( I am human). Let’s grow together.

Thanks for joining me!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ” Philippians 4:13

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


7 thoughts on “Our Journey Begins

  1. I am eager and ready for this journey of self discovery and I hope that I am able to grow along with you through this exciting adventure called life.


  2. Hey Candice great blog, I see we have something in common which is our career path, I’m currently studying social work just one more semester and I’ll be finish. Being a mother, wife and social worker is like a all round super hero job so keep up the good work. All of us must go through some sort of struggle, I believe the great thing about this is we can see how awesome God is when we go through such cause he always pulls us through. Had it not been for God I believe many of us would have already given up, but he said he’ll never leave us nor forsake us so we just gotta believe in him and his promise.


    1. Hi Junie , I am happy that you have decided to come grow together. Yes , having a all round super hero job is tedious at times , however rewarding . That is why I have to decided to start documenting my journey in blog, with all the ups and downs , highs and lows, because I believe we all can learn from each other . I am so excited that you are here 🤗


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