Hi how have you been?

I pray that 2019 has been prosperous in the launching of your personal goals and visions so far for the month of January? I am going along, with some bumps along the way, however steadily pressing on.

Normally in the past year to year, I would falter in my goals. Where I would start and then hit a bump in the journey, giving up thinking I was not worthy, of the end result which I envisioned.

This year I decided to take some time to evaluate my downfalls of the years past. Too often we do things over and over the same way expecting different results… they say that’s insanity (we all are a little insane sometimes). So I sat down and put pen to paper and began examining myself. What was I doing wrong? Was the big question, I continuously asked myself. I had all the dreams and yearning for better, however, the glass ceiling of my mind was hard to break through.

What I found out about myself was shocking. I was always a confident woman even young lady growing up. Never allowing people’s chatter or perspectives to sway what I thought was possible (I was always a dreamer with a vision). Over the years I have allowed society’s and other people’s downfall to change my perspective on what was possible. Developing a fear to TRY to fly, myself. Another reason is the feeling of not being enough. Having other peoples standards and opinion on what and who I should be, make a home in my subconscious. The feeling of not being impactful to write a blog of my own, not being qualified to speak on issues because even though, I went to university my last four years has been home having conversations with my little ones, (try having a conversation with adults about, PJ masks and Paw Patrol).

Anyway, I had to take time and sit back and decide that I was going to work, on my mindset. To free it from the slavery of others perspectives and boundaries which they had placed on me, without even knowing it.

So sometimes that feeling of inadequacy, are there because we took in the chatter of everyone else around us. Placing their opinion on a higher value scale than our own intuition. We can only be ourselves … our bests selves. Taking from life the things that can make us think, things and perspectives that can make us grow to be better. So with everything planned for 2019 take time to evaluate who you are and make a conscious effort to be better.

Have you all ever felt inadequate about dealing with a situation even though you had the know how? Let me know.

Philippians 4:13I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

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