At what age do our children in the Caribbean start sleeping on their own? I need to know . My three year old is now being weaned from sleeping in our bedroom . Normal her crib would of been by my side of the bed , after two hours of sleep she would crawl over into ours. We would love the cuddles , however it was not popping in our room because of our underage room mate. As much as we love her little cuddles , little feet in our backs and little hands in our mouths in the mornings… enough was enough we needed our space back. We as a married couple were stressed, having to make dates with the ground , or go into our bathroom just to get a little action. Mind you it was adventurous however , just having to think about her waking and man could she chose the times she woke 😒 it was like she had some kind of sensor on us .

Any way as I was saying … just trying to maneuver our selves to get a little play (grown folks time), was tiring , having to stop mid way as you stepped up to the pitch, it was mentally tiring so we started to not even try . Until we woke some mornings ago and decided to give her, her walking papers. It was time to leave the nest. It was bitter sweet yet very rewarding to us , just say our celebrations was great.

Mind you, she now wakes about three times during the night and comes over .

So I am asking any mothers out there that can help me re enforce her sleeping in her room? I need help in this area like yesterday . Knowing us we will be tiered of carrying her back to her bed and up most times to just let her sleep there . I will have to gain some consistency in dealing with her  …Help much needed .

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