Today while go through some what’s app statuses from my contacts . One person had posted ” should I keep chasing pavements, that leads nowhere”. Guessing it’s from the Adele song, which I love by the way. I reply to her status by saying “no” . She then sent me a reply ” why?”. Now I paused because I knew the answer however, it had me thinking 🤔 . Why would she ask the obvious ?

Many times in life we keep facing the same situations over and over . Going about them in the same action and thought 💭 process every time the similar situation arises . And the outcome is never favorable.

We as humans need to get off of the hamsters wheel and evolve in our thought process . Dealing with situations as responsible adults . We are resilient and majority of the time we do have the answers to deal with situations of adversity in our life . However most of them time we are to scared of the unknown.

So my response to her “why” was… because the song tells you that it leads nowhere so why stay or even follow the path?

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