Sitting here going through my Facebook stories and I came across a posting of Jordan woods and Kylie Jenner story since their breakup.

It was showing the aftermath of the break up , what I gathered was since Jordan stepped away from the Kardashian’s her glow up has been 👍. Things are working in her favor , she no longer shadowed as Kylie’s best friend/ side chick always in the background . Mind you me , I always thought she was having her own things going on for herself, however it was never noticed because Kylie stood infront of her taking up all the sun ☀️.

Many of times we need to step back from friendships , situation-ships in order to refocus and grow. Moving away from the clouds that shadow or light I Order to blossom . Jordan is now living the beginning of her best life all because she was placed in an uncomfortable situation and had no other choice than to hold her head up despite being heart broken about people you thought were family turning their backs on you.

This issue I have been watching play out on social media . My view has so many angles to it in this issue …. but that is for another time . However if you watch it close this has so many life lessons in it alone hummmm.

Any way Jordan is growing through . You all have a blessed week and grow though what we go through .

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