Depression is debated to be a sickness or mind games. My opinion doesn’t count . This deep dark place of no return for some, ever ending dis-pear which no one in the world will understand and feel what is to be them… a hopeless bottom less pit of doom-that gives a pain as if being psychically wounded.

Today I encountered this feeling in someone I never even knew was so far down this endless rabbit hole . Not like the Alice in wonderland story … but the like the dark sinking pit of from the movie “get out”. Where no one could hear him, see him no one even knew for sure that he was really there. Crying silently inside for help but was unable to even give emotion to his dis-pear or saving. As I write it saddens me to the core of my very soul . How ? Why? . This person is a person of joy , bubbly , dispite of their circumstances, and their adversities they have faced in life . She was admired for her strength in accomplishing things even when all things won’t in her favor .

To see this once strong person in mine eyes , seem so defeated and bewildered, was something I within my mind was baffled. As I in my common mind sat and try to reason whit the why and how. One thing stood out to me in her situation.. was her choice of company.  Living with someone who did not and choose not to understand her mind space or trend of thought. Not even acknowledging she needed help.

Today she is still here fighting the fight for her life. Trying to make her situations better, trying to not let life get her down. As I am typing My though and revelation is she is a tower of strength . To have those thought and feelings of despair and to keep going and pushing forward I can only imagine, can only take a strong person. Where every day is a battle with the mind and body for survival. 

You are enough ,

You are strength,

You have purpose, 

you are loved.


John 16:33  These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

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