HEY how is everyone doing ? Happy New Year and sending prays of blessings and joy everyone’s way this year and beyond. I know that it seems late but never late than never…

A couple months ago I took a hiatus from social media… And drum roll ….. It was great! The past few years I have learnt the art of taking time for me and being unapologetic about it, when my life gets crazy I just step back and take a whoosah.

2019 had bought many lessons and many lasting experiences. I can surely say it is a year I would carry over may memories , those of lost , gain and some of teaching persons who wants to be in your life how to respect and treat you . Every day was a learning lesson.

With that said 2020 the year of vision I am excited for ….

It’s the year that gives me the opportunity to strengthen things which I learned in 2019. To make good changes into lasting ones . It a year of promise to be great and to venture out in to the waters unknown, to seek conquer out of your comfort zone.

So see you guys though out 2020! What are your plans and goals for this year, also I am also interested in knowing the fears you are working on to conquer


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