How is everyone doing in this time of the worldwide Pandemic? Pray that we all are adhering to the safety guidelines and social distancing.

Well .. after dreaming, talking, contemplating for weeks even years I have finally embarked on my micro loss journey, yes you heard it right micro locs me …….
For years I have gone through and done every hairstyle there was to my hair…. braided, undercut, etc.

I am now at the age where I need something easy to wear and perhaps be the one to carry me through. A hairstyle that would allow me to wake up and go without the hassle of the upkeep. I have always admired the fresh locs on persons on Pinterest, Instagram, and when I out and about. Hence I had to do some doing research for the best one and size for me.

During my research, I landed on sister locs, women who had installed it had their locs well kept and I loved the look of it. My only reservation was the price of installation and the cult-like presents surrounding the sister locs. Despite that, I wanted the presence that it gave, to me. That’s how I ended up with the micro locs.

Now I would say sister locs … heck locs it’s for everyone. It is indeed a commitment between the reties, finding a trusted loctician, and the patience it entails with care. However thus far I would not trade it or go back on my decision to have them, it’s been a year of learning curbs and I am still learning to care for them. I had some trials but all in the process.

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