In life today we as people want everything NOW! Instalife as I call it. We reach a certain age this must happen.

We meet a Good guy vs woman marriage must happen!

We just got an entry-level job, we are already looking for a management position.

Always attain to the next level Now.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with all of that so. Set goals are all you can be, However society has taught us we must take the high-speed train. We must attain our highest selves Yolo!

However, if these timelines we set with societies and cultures help don’t work out according to plan or not to say that it’s not going to happen, it might just take a little longer. What is your intermediate plan? Most don’t have an intermediate plan.

Society has taught us that we are entitled to “our manifestations once we vibrate on a higher frequency .”- Candice Nickola

Well from my experience with challenges I have faced in the past and also new ones” there is beauty in the corridor”. When you have passed through one door and going to the next which is not yet opened, wait!

Wait in the corridor of your life’s season and not complain but use it. It isn’t that good is not going to happen. However, take the time to develop yourself. Your last stage or door that you have passed through, can you attain to the next level with the same perspective as the last? Do you need to brush up on and new skills that can help you when you go to the next level? What about bad habits and mindsets that you can work on and throw off?

Wait, take the time to grow through the stages, use the corridor as incubation for the next and grow stronger and wiser before the birthing of the new and improved. As in the bible (Deuteronomy 4) the people of Israel were in the wilderness, which was their corridor. God had already given them the promised land. However they needed to work on themselves, their mindsets of being slaves had to be reset. Their mindset of pagan worshiping and rituals needed to be put aside. Those things were of their previous level in Egypt. However, their corridor was time needed for them to realize they were a chosen people, a time used for God to remind them of all the mercies he had done for them. Also giving them commandments and instructions to go forth into the promised land and by that, he showed them his love as a father.

With this corridor, they learned things to carry them to the next stage in life through their door.

So, attain your highest level, However, in the current state of the world, many of us are in one of the many corridors we have to walk through in life.

Just remember there is beauty in the corridor.

What corridor are you walking through now?

The detailing of this corridor

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