Saw a post about, “women know your worth a man is to add to your life”. I was not surprised that I became irritated by the posts. I mean .. nothing is wrong with what was said. However, too many times we as women want a man to be the one who brings something to the table. He can bring the whole table plus the seats and still you cannot even sit at his table.

We want men who have their sh*t together. Job all the niceties that society deems important and yet still, you haven’t even begun to write down a five-year plan for your own life. We are not asking for too much, we deserve all that there is that we deemed due to us. However what about our male counter paths, Don’t they deserve to have it all too?.

Some think because they have “good hair,” a nice complexion that they have it all that a male should bow at their feet or some how that makes them wife material.

However when times get hard and he falls short of paying the bills, can you help him? You, yourself don’t even know about proper self-care, yet still, you want him to care for you. You want him to be successful, yet still, that might deem you being at home with the children. Do you have the right life skills to raise those children to be like their father or better? Even the bear self-important fact or awareness, to be comfortable being with yourself, while he is handling business, understanding it is for the greater good?

Ladies, there is no shame knowing what you want in a man and having standards for when the particular individual comes along. However, the same way we want to have the best is to give our best. Become the person you want as your equal. Too often we want all the necessary preferred criteria in a spouse, we have to ask ourselves do we have the necessary qualification to even apply to stand by that so called, perfect man.

Genesis 2:18, NIV: “The LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.'”

Some see the description of the first woman as the helper of the first man as demeaning. Some assume this means she is lesser in position or purpose. However, God often describes Himself with the same root word used here for helper (Psalm 33:20; Psalm 70:5; Psalm 115:9). In any case, the woman will be provided to the man for his good. She is part of God’s provision to him, as he will be to her. God’s intention and design is for the man and woman to live and work and walk with Him together.

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